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Moroccan artist Said Housbane began his career by working in the fields of calligraphy, illustration, comics and animation before devoting himself entirely to painting in the mid-90s.  It is however his depiction of the human face, for which he has become best known - a theme which he paints over and over again, with economy and subtle eloquence. 

Yet, Housbane is not a portraitist.  He has never had a model pose for him, nor has he intended in his work to depict the distinctive features of a given person through their facial traits. Still, the face remains his emblematic subject which he paints repeatedly and passionately. His portraits are not exclusively female nor do they belong to any specific person. It is an absolute face: near or far, familiar or alien, man or woman. It expresses the extreme and unavoidable finiteness which lies at the heart of the human condition; thus the painted face becomes an effigy or emblem of the things that makes and undoes our being: our fragile existence.